Title and Abstract

Investigation of the Effect of Different CO2 Concentrations of Temperature of a Gas

Water vapour and clouds are the major contributors to Earth's greenhouse effect, but a new atmosphere-ocean climate modelling study shows planet's temperature ultimately depends on the atmospheric level of carbon dioxide. (Dunbar.B, 2010) Global warming is an important issue we are facing in our current world. Many scientists claim that the carbon dioxide produced by vehicles that are causing an increase in the amount of concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, thereby causing global warming on Earth. Is it true? Or maybe the scientists are lying, or perhaps the scientists are making a mountain out of a molehill? We are doing this experiment such as to justify the statement of the scientists are true. In our experiment, we will be testing if the amount of carbon dioxide causes any difference in the thickness of the atmosphere and increases the temperature of the Earth. Henceforth, we will be able to justify the words of the statement. We acknowledge that the Scientists have their own way of doing their experiment, however, to be able to justify what they said, we are to create a simplified version of the set-up and to see if the amount of concentration of carbon dioxide will affect the temperature of the surrounding air. By measuring the temperature of different concentration of carbon dioxide, we can prove that what the scientist has said is true. 

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